Top 10 WordPress Design Plugins for Stunning Websites

By Samira May1,2024

WordPress design plugins play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Whether you are a seasoned web designer or just starting out, having the right tools can make a significant difference in the aesthetics and functionality of your site. Here, we will explore the top 10 WordPress design plugins that can help you craft stunning websites that stand out from the crowd.



Elementor is a powerhouse in the world of WordPress design plugins. It offers a drag-and-drop page builder with over 300 widgets, making it versatile for creating various layouts. With live editing features and mobile responsiveness, Elementor allows you to see changes in real-time. Moreover, its pre-made templates and style options streamline the design process, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users. Explore further with Ultimate Guide to Installing WordPress Design Plugins


Divi is a comprehensive design suite that includes a page builder, theme builder, and global modules. One of its standout features is the ability to conduct split-testing to optimize designs. With custom CSS capabilities, users have the flexibility to fine-tune every aspect of their website. Additionally, Divi boasts unlimited website design options, making it a go-to choice for creating distinct and personalized sites.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is known for its user-friendly interface and real-time editing capabilities, simplifying the website building process. Users can choose between frontend and backend editing options based on their preferences. The plugin also offers custom modules and page templates, allowing for greater customization without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a conversion-focused page builder that specializes in creating high-converting landing pages. With a range of pre-built templates and seamless integration with Thrive Leads and Thrive Optimize, users can easily drive engagement and conversions. The plugin’s Smart Blocks feature enables the creation of dynamic content that adapts to user interactions, enhancing user experience.

Visual Composer

With Visual Composer, users can leverage a drag-and-drop page builder equipped with over 500 elements for endless design possibilities. The plugin also provides optimization options for WooCommerce and SEO, ensuring that websites are not only visually appealing but also performance-driven. Additionally, Visual Composer offers custom grid layouts and parallax effects to add depth and interactivity to websites.


Brizy stands out with its cloud-based page builder that offers a modern and intuitive interface. One of its unique features is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) design suggestions, assisting users in creating visually stunning layouts. The plugin also supports inline editing and responsive previews, allowing for quick adjustments and real-time visualizations of changes.

WPBakery Page Builder

Formerly known as Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder is a robust plugin with over 100 content elements for enhanced design flexibility. Compatible with major WordPress themes, the plugin offers an advanced grid system and responsiveness for seamless integration with various website layouts. Its extensive features make it a popular choice among both novice and experienced web designers.


For experienced developers seeking full control over their website’s HTML and CSS, Oxygen offers a code-first approach to page building. The plugin’s customizable and scalable nature allows developers to create unique and tailored websites without limitations. Oxygen’s focus on empowering developers with in-depth customization options makes it a valuable tool for creating highly personalized websites.


Created by the developers of X Theme, Cornerstone is a visual page builder known for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The plugin simplifies the design process with pre-built sections and design blocks that can be easily customized to suit individual needs. Its user-friendly features make it a popular choice for users looking to create professional and visually appealing websites.


Astra is a lightweight and fast theme that offers extensive design options for creating visually striking websites. The theme comes with starter templates and premium extensions that cater to diverse design preferences. Astra allows users to customize sidebars, footers, and header layouts, ensuring that every aspect of the website can be tailored to align with the brand’s identity.

choosing the right WordPress design plugin is essential for creating stunning websites that capture the attention of visitors. Each plugin on this list offers unique features and functionalities to cater to different design preferences and skill levels. By leveraging these top 10 WordPress design plugins, you can elevate your website design and deliver unparalleled user experiences. You can find more information on WordPress Page Builder Reviews: Which to Choose for Your Site

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are WordPress design plugins?

WordPress design plugins are tools that can be added to your WordPress website to enhance its design and functionality. These plugins can help you customize your website’s appearance and improve user experience.

2. What are some of the top design plugins for WordPress websites?

Some of the top design plugins for WordPress websites include Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and WPBakery Page Builder. These plugins offer a range of features such as drag-and-drop builders, pre-designed templates, and customization options.

3. How can design plugins help in creating stunning websites?

Design plugins can help in creating stunning websites by providing advanced design features, templates, and customization options. These plugins make it easier to design visually appealing websites without the need for coding knowledge. Read more on How to Enhance Your WordPress Theme with Design Plugins

4. Are design plugins easy to use for beginners?

Many design plugins for WordPress are user-friendly and offer intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate, making them suitable for beginners. Additionally, most plugins come with tutorials and documentation to help users get started.

5. Are design plugins essential for every WordPress website?

While design plugins can greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of a WordPress website, they are not essential for every website. The use of design plugins depends on the specific needs and goals of the website owner.


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