Extending Battery Life on Your Galaxy A35 5G: Pro Tips & ⚠️ Tricks

By Yasmin May19,2024

The battery on your Galaxy A35 5G is a crucial component that powers your device to keep you connected throughout the day. Here are some key details about the battery:

Battery Capacity5000 mAh
Battery TypeLi-ion
Fast Charging Capability25W Super Fast Charging

The 5000 mAh battery capacity of the Galaxy A35 5G ensures that you have enough power to get through your day without constantly looking for a charger. The Li-ion battery type provides a reliable and long-lasting power source, while the 25W Super Fast Charging feature allows you to quickly recharge your device when needed.

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Battery Optimization Features

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy A35 5G with a range of battery optimization features to help you maximize your device’s battery life.

Adaptive Power Saving Mode

The Adaptive Power Saving Mode is a smart feature that automatically adjusts the device’s performance and battery usage based on your usage patterns. By intelligently managing power consumption, this mode helps in extending the battery life of your Galaxy A35 5G.

App Power Monitor

The App Power Monitor function keeps a close eye on app energy consumption, identifying any battery-draining apps that may be causing excessive power usage. By pinpointing these apps, you can take steps to minimize their impact on your device’s battery life.

Background App Restrictions

By restricting the background activity of power-intensive apps, you can prevent unnecessary battery drain. This feature ensures that apps running in the background do not consume excessive power, thereby optimizing your device’s battery performance.

Screen Brightness Optimization

Adjusting the screen brightness is a simple yet effective way to reduce battery consumption. The Galaxy A35 5G offers screen brightness optimization settings that help in conserving battery life without compromising visibility.

Auto-Brightness Feature

The Auto-Brightness feature automatically adapts the screen brightness based on ambient light conditions. By dynamically adjusting the display brightness, this feature not only enhances user comfort but also contributes to prolonging the battery life of your device.

Practical Tips to Extend Battery Life

Practical Tips to Extend Battery Life

In addition to utilizing the built-in battery optimization features, here are some practical tips to further extend the battery life of your Galaxy A35 5G:

Reduce Screen Timeout

Shortening the screen timeout period reduces the time your screen stays on when not in use, thereby conserving battery power.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Disabling features like Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi when not in use prevents them from draining the battery in the background unnecessarily.

Use Dark Mode

Enabling Dark Mode on supported apps and system settings can significantly reduce screen power consumption, leading to longer battery life.

Optimize Location Services

Limiting location access to essential apps and utilizing Wi-Fi or mobile data for location services instead of GPS helps in minimizing battery drain related to location tracking.

Manage App Notifications

Disabling notifications from battery-draining apps not only reduces interruptions but also helps in preserving battery life.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Removing apps that are not frequently used frees up resources and reduces background battery drain, leading to improved overall battery performance.

Additional Tips

Apart from the software-based tips and tricks, here are some additional suggestions to help you make the most of your Galaxy A35 5G’s battery life:

Charge Regularly

Avoid letting the battery fully discharge and aim to charge it to around 80-90% capacity for optimal battery health and longevity.

Calibrate Your Battery

Performing a battery calibration cycle periodically can help reset battery statistics and ensure the accuracy of the remaining battery indicator.

Use a Battery Case

Consider using a battery case for your Galaxy A35 5G to provide an additional power source when you are away from conventional charging options.

Consider a Power Bank

Carrying a portable power bank enables you to recharge your device on the go, ensuring that you stay connected even when you are away from a power outlet.

Update Your Software

Keeping your device’s software up to date is essential as software updates often include performance and battery optimizations that can help enhance your device’s battery life.

Troubleshooting Battery Issues

If you encounter any battery-related issues on your Galaxy A35 5G, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

Identify Battery-Draining Apps

Use the App Power Monitor feature to identify apps that are consuming excessive battery power and take necessary action to optimize their usage.

Reset Network Settings

If you notice abnormal battery drain related to network connectivity, resetting the network settings on your device may help resolve the issue.

Contact Samsung Support

For any unresolved battery problems or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Samsung Support for professional assistance and guidance.

By implementing these pro tips and tricks, you can effectively extend the battery life of your Galaxy A35 5G and ensure that you stay powered up throughout your day with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend the battery life on my Galaxy A35 5G?

You can extend the battery life on your Galaxy A35 5G by adjusting the screen brightness, disabling unnecessary background apps, and using power-saving mode.

Is it okay to use a third-party charger to charge my Galaxy A35 5G?

It is recommended to use the original charger that came with your Galaxy A35 5G to ensure safe and efficient charging.

Should I always fully discharge my Galaxy A35 5G battery before recharging?

It is not necessary to fully discharge your Galaxy A35 5G battery before recharging. It is actually better for the battery’s longevity to keep it between 20% and 80% charged.

Can I use battery-saving apps to extend the battery life of my Galaxy A35 5G?

While some battery-saving apps may help optimize battery usage, it is important to be cautious as they can sometimes cause more harm than good. It is recommended to rely on built-in battery-saving features of your device.

How often should I replace the battery of my Galaxy A35 5G?

The battery of your Galaxy A35 5G is designed to retain a good level of performance for several years. If you notice a significant decrease in battery life, it may be time to consider a battery replacement.


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